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Beginner Fingerstyle Guitar: Gustavo Santaollalla’s Right-Hand Technique

21 Grams I completely lifted my right-hand technique from composer, Gustavo Santaolalla. He effectively arpeggiates chord shapes by rolling through them with his fingers. This is a beautiful way to voice chords, and pretty easy to do with a little practice. The best way to […]

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The Banshees of Inisherin: Walking Home Alone | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

The Banshees of Inisherin The Banshees of Inisherin, is a 2022 black comedy written and directed by British-Irish playwright, Martin McDonagh. The film follows two lifelong friends (Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson) who find themselves at an impasse, when one abruptly ends their relationship. The predicament […]

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Werewolf by Night: Mane Theme | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Werewolf by Night Werewolf by Night is the directorial debut film debut of (A-list composer) Michael Giacchino. It is a TON of fun. The “creature feature” is stylized in black & white with a run time of only 53 minutes. It’s an old-time monster film […]

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Only Ghosts – Evan Handyside (Ambient, fingerstyle guitar) + TAB

Only Ghosts This song is also available on all streaming and music services including: Spotify and Apple I wrote and recorded Only Ghosts in 2016. At that point, I was in the infancy of my sound design implementation. I’m still learning, but I’m much better […]

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Finch: Ball Throw (Gustavo Santaolalla) | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Finch Free audio download on SoundCloud. Finch on Apple + was a beautiful and highly entertaining movie: In a post-apocalyptic world, Finch (Tom Hanks) knowing that his health is slowly failing, builds a robot to take of his dog after he passes. The robot was […]

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Gustavo Santaolalla: Calmamente | fingerstyle guitar

Gustavo Santaolalla: Calmamente | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Calmamente Calmamente is from the soundtrack of Qhapaq Ñan — Gustavo Santaolalla’s docuseries about the pre-Columbian ‘Inca road system’, which winds for 6,000 kilometers (3,700 miles) through the Andean region. It’s a serene song that exemplifies Santaolalla’s minimalist ability to extract the maximum from a few […]

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Gustavo Santaolalla: Wait and Then | fingerstyle guitar

Gustavo Santaolalla: Wait and Then | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Wait and Then by Gustavo Santaolalla As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I believe Gustavo Santaolalla’s 2014 album, Camino, is a collection of music that was intended for various film projects. I’ve scored a few short films, and I’ll write and record 20 pieces […]

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But for the Fall of Rain - Evan Handyside (Ambient, contemporary guitar) + TAB

But for the Fall of Rain – Evan Handyside (Ambient, contemporary guitar) + TAB

But for the Fall of Rain This is piece of music I wrote for Adam Taylor’s micro-short animation, But for the Fall of Rain. [Parents, although it’s an animation, there is an F-bomb in there.] Adam is a Hollywood based editor and filmmaker. The voice […]

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Gustavo Santaolalla: Only Solitude (Monsterland)

Gustavo Santaolalla: Only Solitude (Monsterland) + TAB

Only Solitude I adore this piece of music from Gustavo Santaolalla’s Monsterland soundtrack. So creative, so beautiful. While it’s actually played on a violin, I reimagined it as a solo guitar piece in Santaolalla’s signature, minimalist style. You might also like to play… The Haunting […]

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Gustavo Santaolalla: Reclaimed Memories | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Reclaimed Memories Reclaimed Memories is pretty little guitar piece from The Last of Us Part II soundtrack by Gustavo Santaolalla. The signature of this score is Santaolalla’s use of a 6 string guitar banjo. It was very easy to transfer this song to guitar — […]

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Hans Zimmer: Interstellar | beginner fingerstyle guitar

Hans Zimmer: Interstellar | beginner fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Interstellar This must be Hans Zimmer’s greatest complete score. While Man of Steel, The Dark Knight, and Gladiator have their selections — the entire score of Interstellar is wondrous and immensely listenable. This piece is known as, First Step and Day One from the soundtrack. […]

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And Then We Danced: I See Your Eyes | fingerstyle guitar

And Then We Danced: I See Your Eyes | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

And Then We Danced I See Your Eyes, is written by Zviad Mgebry & Ben Wheeler. This song is from, And Then We Danced — a Swedish-Georgian romantic drama film directed by Levan Akin. The story follows two dancers who are both rivals and lovers. […]

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