Intellimusica is my life’s passion. I hope you find as much enjoyment with my guitar tabs as I do.

While this blog is not for everybody, I am dedicated to bringing you the most compelling material for guitar in the world. Below is a short list of frequently asked questions:

Do I really get all of your 220+ premium tabs?

YES, you will receive ALL of my premium material for the term of your membership: monthly, or one year. For that period, you will have access to every single premium tab on this site

*No long-term commitment. You can easily cancel your monthly Premium Membership at anytime  with just a few clicks.

What are premium guitar tabs?

These are a rapidly growing library of over 220+ guitar tabs representing ultra-unique content that I feel very strongly about.

How do I access these tabs?

You can check out the premium category — or if you happen upon on a premium post — become a member by clicking the blue $8 ticket at the bottom of the post

I don’t see the blue $8 ticket?

If you’re not seeing the blue ticket: the page has not loaded all the way and you’ll need to refresh the page, or click the post title again. 

What happens when I become a member?

You’ll have access to ALL of my current and future premium tabs for the term of your membership: monthly, one, or two years.

How often will you be adding premium content?

I usually post on average once or twice per week.  You can expect premium content to be added a few times per month.

What if I’m unsure about purchasing your premium posts and tabs?

80% of the content on this blog is absolutely free.  Check out my other work for a while. If you’re satisfied, consider subscribing to my premium material for an extended period of time.  

How do I cancel my monthly membership?

*No long-term commitment. You can easily cancel your monthly Premium Membership at anytime  with just a few clicks.

Will a yearly membership automatically renew?

No. A $75 one-year premium membership will not renew. Monthly premium memberships may be cancelled at any time.

The only payment options are in US dollars. Will I be able to become a premium member if I live in the UK? 

Yes, Tinypass/Piano accepts nearly every currency. It will automatically convert when you pick your desired payment option.

I prefer to use my iPhone, do you have a Mobile site?

Yes, I have a beautiful mobile site. Just access Intellimusica from your mobile device, or pad.

How can I find out about new premium tabs?

Easy. You can subscribe to my Newsletter, YouTube channel, or Facebook page. Just click here.


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