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Intellimusica is my life’s passion. I hope you find as much enjoyment with my guitar tabs as I do. I am dedicated to bringing you the most compelling guitar content in the world. 

You get unlimited access to 575+ Premium Guitar TABs and Lessons.

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Frequently asked questions about Premium Memberships:

(and answers!)

What are Premium Guitar TABs?

  • These are a rapidly growing library of over 550+ Premium TABs representing my best content. 

Do I really get all of your 575+ Premium TABs?

  • YES, you will receive ALL of my premium material for the term of your membership: monthly, or annual.

How do I access these tabs?

Once subscribed ($5 monthly, $49 annual), the paywall is removed and you’ll have full access to the entire site.

Is my payment secure?

I don’t see the popup…

What happens when I become a member?

  • Once subscribed, you’ll have access to ALL of my current and future Premium TABs for the term of your membership: monthly, or annual.

I didn’t receive the confirmation email?

  • Check your junk folder for an email from an address ending in Confirmation emails are sent immediately, so there should be no delay. (Note that some readers have reported delays with Yahoo-hosted emails of up to 30 minutes.)

Alternatively, if your email is filtered by a firewall or security service, “” may have to be white-listed. Feel free to contact us for more information at

How do I login and/or manage my Premium account?

  • Click on the publication logo in the bottom-right corner of your screen and enter your email. You’ll be sent a magic link to your email that will take you back to Intellimusica with full access to the entire site. By using your email to login, this solution: bypasses potential browser issues, and doesn’t use cookies. It’s very elegant.

How often will you be adding premium content?

  • I’ve been posting on average once or twice per week since March 2011. Here’s my very first post. You can expect premium content to be added every week. 

What if I’m unsure about purchasing your premium posts + TABs?

How do I cancel my monthly membership?

Will a 1 year membership automatically renew?

  • Yes, a $49 one-year Premium Membership will renew. You can cancel anytime and still have access through the period you’ve paid for.

The only payment options are in US dollars. Will I be able to become a premium member if I live in the UK? 

  • Yes, Pico accepts nearly every currency. It will automatically convert when you pick your desired payment option.

How can I find out about new premium tabs?


Have a question that’s not answered here? Drop me a line at – I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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