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Intellimusica is my life’s passion. I am dedicated to bringing you the most compelling guitar content in the world. Your support keeps the servers on — and the content flowing week after week.

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Premium TABs
A growing library of over 500+ songs that comprise my best work.

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Frequently asked questions about Premium Memberships:

What are your Premium Guitar TABs?

This is a rapidly growing library of music, representing my best content. I’ve been creating content since 2011, so there’s 542 Premium TABs available to date.

How do I access these tabs?

To become a Premium Member, you can subscribe two different ways:

1.) Scroll to the base of any Premium Post.

2.) Or, just click here.

Once subscribed ($6.99 monthly, $67 annual), the paywall is removed and you’ll have full access to the entire site.

Is my payment secure?

Absolutely. Our payment processor is Stripe, the #1 payment processor in the world (used by Apple, Amazon and Google). Click here to learn about our payment security.

Is Google or Apple Pay available?

Yes, you’ll have the option for Google Pay or Apple Pay – depending on your device.

How do I login and/or manage my Premium account?

Easy, click here to login and manage your account.

How do I cancel my monthly membership?

Cancel anytime, hassle free, with just two clicks.

Will a 1 year membership automatically renew?

Yes, a $67 one-year Premium Membership will renew. You can cancel anytime and still have access through the period you’ve paid for.

The only payment options are in US dollars. Will I be able to become a premium member if I live in the UK? 

Yes, Stripe accepts nearly every currency. It will automatically convert when you pick your desired payment option.

How can I find out about new premium tabs?

Easy. Join the Intellimusica Newsletter.


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