Lana Del Rey: How to play Brooklyn Baby for classical guitar

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Brooklyn Baby

We’ve had a home renovation the past two months, on top of: getting my new EP released, preparing for our new baby, and a myriad of other life stuff. Although it may seem like my work hasn’t suffered, trust me, it has.

Things have slowed down a bit, and Lana Del Rey’s Brooklyn Baby for classical guitar, is a personal return to form. It has been months since I was able to perfectly capture what I wanted. 

Perhaps the universal acclaim for Lana Del Rey can be explained by how easily and eloquently her material works as a solo, classical guitar piece.

Everything is basic open chords — but Lana Del Rey has an unexplainable twist to her progressions. There’s always a perfectly placed A minor or F chord that lends to her bittersweet lyrics and sultry vocals.

If you like this version of Brooklyn Baby, please check out my Lana Del Rey archive. I’ve performed her best material — my favorite being Body Electric.

(Note: Brooklyn Baby is my premium material)

How to play Brooklyn Baby for classical guitar

I would recommend Brooklyn Baby for intermediate guitar players and up. The chord shapes are not that difficult, but the fingerpicking might be advanced for some guitar players who are just starting out.

If you’re a beginner, I recommend checking out my Easiest of Easy to Play archive. There’s plenty of free material in there to get you going.

The guitar tab for Brooklyn Baby is 3 pages long. I basically play straight through all 3 pages, two times. On the second run through, I play each of the Intro riffs just once. My order of play, in accordance with the tab is: Intro, Verse, Chorus — Intro, Verse, Chorus.

Brooklyn Baby is played in

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3 Responses to “Lana Del Rey: How to play Brooklyn Baby for classical guitar”

  1. Brandon

    13. Apr, 2015

    God I love it when you post Lana Del Rey tabs… You actually turned me on to her music. Can’t wait for the next one! :D

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    • Evan Handyside

      13. Apr, 2015

      Thanks Brandon, glad you’re enjoying this one. I’m digging the recent Dark Knight post as well. Cheers! Evan

      P.S. Are you finished with high school, or heading off to college?

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      • Brandon

        14. Apr, 2015

        Yeah, I’m really loving that tab as well. I completely agree with what you said about Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan. For me it was especially powerful in Interstellar.

        And I’m starting college courses online soon, thanks for asking :)

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