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Welcome to Intellimusica

Hi! My name is Evan.

With IntellimusicaI offer a sophisticated repertoire of fingerstyle guitar tabs, that will appeal to smaller, more savvy audience.

This is a Choose Your Own Adventure songbook. Some songs are easy to play, other songs are more difficult. Click around, explore, and find music that suits your interest and ability level.

Since this blog has been ongoing for more than a decade, I created this page as a helpful place for new visitors to get a jump on things.

It’s easier than wandering through hundreds of posts!

Here’s some links to get you started:

How to Use This Blog
Learn how to quickly use this blog, and find the TABs you’re looking for.

Free Tabs
Try my Free TABs. If my style is right for you, consider becoming a Premium Member. Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar is the best one, and it’s very easy to play.

(For something more sophisticated, try Amor y Paz by Gustavo Santaolalla.)

Premium Tabs
A growing library of over 500+ songs that comprise my best work. Lately, my absolute favorite is The Godfather (Love Theme).

The Best of Intellimusica
These are by far my most popular TABs. Here’s a couple that are currently trending: TOP GUN Anthem & Running Up That Hill.

Premium Membership FAQ
Everything you want to know about Intellimusica Premium Memberships.

VERY Easy to Play
These songs are incredibly easy to play, and suitable for beginner guitar players.

Happy playing!

Evan :)

P.S. If want to get in touch with me, drop me a line at