Welcome to Intellimusica

Hi. My name is Evan. I like finding unique things to play, and creating Fingerstyle Guitar Tabs for music that (otherwise) wouldn’t be intended for the guitar. 

I generate modern content that offers music for the “practicing guitar player” that mostly spans from beginner level to intermediate. Often, my search for content leads to film score music (movie themes) where I’m playing fingerstyle guitar 90% of the time. However, sometimes I grab a pick when I’m blues and other stuff.

Intellimusica is a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ songbook. Some songs are easy to play, other songs are more difficult. Click around, explore, and find stuff that suits your interest and ability level.

With Intellimusica, I offer a sophisticated repertoire of Fingerstyle Guitar Tabs, that will appeal to smaller, more savvy audience.

My site is not for everybody.  However,  if you can read straightforward guitar Tabs, and have a passion for playing guitar — then you’ll find some fun and compelling stuff to play at intellimusica.com.


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