Evan Handyside Music & Film

Evan Handyside is a guitarist/composer from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He writes contemplative, instrumental guitar pieces that employ space and ambient reverb. Within his music, Evan subtly combines the genres of World Music, Americana, and contemporary ambient/classical guitar to create depth and sentiment.

Evan’s music is available everywhere for download and streaming:

Evan on Spotify

The Intellimusica Spotify Playlist: Ethereal and Cinematic Music

Evan on Apple

Evan on SoundCloud

For use of Evan’s music in your film or project, please email: intellimusica@gmail.com

Evan has composed the score for these short films:

Broken Noons, by director, Guillermo L. Vasquez.

But for the Fall of Rain, by Adam Taylor.

Anna, by director Sakis Karpas. (final song performance Evan Handyside, composition by Gustavo Santaolalla)