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I’ve created this privacy policy in three parts: What I’m consciously/purposefully collecting with your express consent — my security initiatives — and normal browser/internet functioning, e.g., cookies, etc. For the latter, I borrowed and edited wording from author Tim Ferriss’s Privacy Policy — as it’s clear and concise. 

This is the data I collect consciously with your express consent

-I use a company called SendFox to publish my email newsletter. Obviously people enter their email, and I collect it as part of my email list. I send members of my email list notification when I post a new guitar tab. I do not use this email for any other purpose. These emails will never be abused or shared with anyone.

If you receive emails from me, and no longer wish to, you can unsubscribe with one click at the base of the email.

View SendFox’s Privacy Policy here.

-My Premium Members purchase and login through my paywall company Pico. Pico does not use cookies, as they’re an email based login system. When a Premium Member subscribes to my blog through Pico, they’re emailed a magic link. By clicking the link, the user is brought back to Intellimusica with full access to the entire site, 

If you’re Premium Member, and wish to unsubscribe from Intellimusica, you’ll do so by clicking here.

View Pico’s Privacy Policy here.


Implied consent (and no data collected)

This website is an Amazon Affiliate. If you click on an Amazon link (an purchase an item on Amazon) I’m paid a small % of the sale. In this case, all of your information is solely with Amazon. I’m not given any details other than what item was sold. These are sometimes referred to as Amazon Portals.

My security initiatives

This website is fully secure HTTPS site. The bulk of my security comes from my excellent hosting company, pair Networks. Their security includes: threat detection and blocking, malicious web application blocking, proactive security maintenance, and plug-in security monitoring.

My additional layer of security comes from 24/7 monitoring by  Jetpack, and Wordfence.


Below is text that I borrowed from author Tim Ferriss’s Privacy Policy. I’m a fan of his, and liked his wording on what I qualify as normal internet/browser functioning. I edited it down to what might pertain to this site, Intellimusica.

Disclosure of information

We will not voluntarily share your name and email provided via the Site to any third party, except:

– To comply with legal requirements, such as law, regulation, warrant, subpoena, court order, or with a regulator or law enforcement agency or personnel.

Links to other Websites

We do not endorse and are not responsible for the information practices or privacy policies of any other Web sites that may be linked to or from the Site.  If you decide to access any other Web site that may be linked to or from the Site, you should consult that Web site’s privacy policy.


A cookie is a small text file that the Site can place on your computer’s hard drive. When you visit the Site, a cookie may be placed on your computer for customizing and enhancing your experience on the Site. Your name and email address are not shared in this cookie. We use a cookie that collects anonymous traffic data. You can set your Web browser to block cookies, but doing so may affect your ability to access certain features of the Site.

Children’s Privacy

We will not knowingly collect personal information from children, e.g. email, etc. If we discover that a child has provided us with personal information, we will use reasonable efforts to delete this information.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may modify, alter or update this Privacy Policy at any time. We will not provide individual notice to you of changes to this Privacy Policy, but when we make updates to this Privacy Policy, we will update the date in this section.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on June 7th 2021.