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Doctor Sleep: The Overlook | fingerstyle guitar

Doctor Sleep: The Overlook | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Doctor Sleep Free download on SoundCloud. The tremendous, Doctor Sleep is a horror film based on the 2013 novel of the same name by Stephen King, a sequel to King’s 1977 novel The Shining. The film, following up the 1980 film adaptation of The Shining, […]

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Edelweiss | fingerstyle guitar

Edelweiss | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Free download on SoundCloud. This arrangement of Edelweiss uses the guitar template from The Sound of Music. However, I’ve been enamored with eerie Man in the High Castle version for some time. I tried to split the difference between the two.  You might also like […]

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TOP GUN Anthem | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

TOP GUN Anthem | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Top Gun Free download on SoundCloud. The trailer for Top Gun: Maverick has me totally pumped up. I’m 42 and remember the VCR revolution in the mid 80’s. Prior to VCRs and home video rental shops, we relied on HBO or encore showings a smaller […]

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Game of Thrones: Main Title theme for classical guitar

Game of Thrones: Main Title theme – fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Free Download on SoundCloud I always wanted to create my own guitar arrangement of the Game of Thrones Main Title. However, the shifting chord and melody scheme, made it difficult to create a relatively smooth arrangement for guitar. I couldn’t figure it out, for years. […]

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Lily’s Theme for classical guitar + TAB

Lily’s Theme – fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Lily’s Theme Free download on SoundCloud. Lily’s Theme, by composer Alexandre Desplat, is one of the most poignant pieces of music from the Harry Potter films. This was was one of the first songs I ever posted — way back in 2011. It was time […]

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fields of gold

Sting: Fields of Gold (instrumental for guitar) + TAB

Fields of Gold Listening is a form of practice. Free MP3 download on SoundCloud. Fields of Gold has long been one of my favorite songs from Sting. I was inspired to arrange a Sting tune from seeing this performance on Facebook: this is your basic […]

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my heart will go on

Titanic: My Heart Will Go On (James Horner) fingerstyle guitar + TAB

My Heart Will Go On Free MP3 Download on SoundCloud. I recently heard a super minimal version of My Heart Will Go On played with two cellos. I believe the duo’s name was literally 2CELLOS. It was beautiful and I wanted to create a subtle […]

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Braveheart: A Gift of Thistle | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

A Gift of Thistle Listening is a form a practice: Free MP3 Download on SoundCloud. A Gift of Thistle is the “love theme” of Braveheart, and it was composed by the late James Horner — whose scores always held a slight Celtic tone. Most consider this […]

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The Music of the Night for guitar (The Phantom of the Opera) + TAB

The Music of the Night Listening is a form of practice. Free MP3 Download on SoundCloud. This is arguably the best song from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic, The Phantom of the Opera. While driving home from our beach vacation last week, I was thinking of […]

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The Avengers: theme | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

The Avengers The Avengers theme by composer Alan Silvestri is iconic. The way the chorus comes in gets me every time. You’ll hear it in the films when the tide has turned against the enemy, and the Avengers (specifically Iron Man) are really kicking ass. […]

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the passion of the christ

The Passion of the Christ: Mary Goes to Jesus (John Debney) fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Mary Goes to Jesus Mary Goes to Jesus is the most solemn and beautiful piece of music from The Passion of the Christ. It is also from the most poignant scene: The Apostle John, takes Mary to a better vantage point to possibly see, touch, […]

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blade runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049: Tears In the Rain (Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch) for guitar + TAB

Tears In the Rain I would also strongly add Vangelis as the principal composer of this song. “Tears In Rain” minus a (the) is from the original iconic Blade Runner (1982) soundtrack. Tears in the Rain is nearly a verbatim replicant (sorry had to) of […]

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