Top Gun

Top Gun: Maverick has me totally pumped up. I’m 45 and remember the VCR revolution in the mid 80’s. Prior to VCRs and home video rental shops, we relied on HBO or encore showings at smaller theaters to see movies like Return of Jedi, and E.T. When my family finally got a VCR — Top Gun was the first movie we watched and it was bad-ass. The soundtrack was amazing too.

The guitarist from the original song, Steve Stevens (Billy Idol) is one of my all time favorite guitar players and he still tours with Idol to this day. To me, Stevens has a darker goth/punk edge, and was a thoughtful soloist much like Eddie Van Halen.

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How to play the Top Gun Anthem | fingerstyle guitar

The guitar tab for the Top Gun Anthem is beautifully written across two pages. The original song makes a significant key jump that wasn’t conducive to a fingerstyle arrangement. I just skipped it and did my own thing to smooth it over. Hopefully it’s not a glaring omission.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

My order of play, in accordance with the tab, goes like this: Verse, End 1, Bridge — Verse, End 2.

**TOP GUN Anthem | fingerstyle guitar

The Top Gun Anthem is played one whole step down with the 6th string dropped to C. Your tuning is as follows: C G C F A D. Or, you could play it in standard by just dropped the 6th string to D. That tuning would look like: D A D G B E.