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Across the Stars

This song is a beautiful motif by the greatest film composer of all time, John Williams. Across the Stars was recommended to me by one of my long time Intellimusica members, and it’s one of the all-time classic Star Wars themes.

In the orchestrated version, there’s essentially a long passage that undergoes a few key changes throughout the piece. While it’s possible to play on guitar, my arrangement was getting way overcomplicated. I decided to take a different musical approach, and parse out the original motif into a longer arrangement. This way, we’re staying in a single open position on the guitar.

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How to play Across the Stars | fingerstyle guitar

The guitar tab for this piece is beautifully written across 2 pages, and played straight through, without repeats. I recommend this for intermediate guitar players and up. Enjoy! The guitar tab is available below:

**Star Wars: Attack of the Clones – Across the Stars | fingerstyle guitar

My version is played in standard tuning, with a capo on the 2nd fret.