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The Parting Glass

Friends, my new EP is out today, The Parting Glass. It’s a collection of 5 contemplative guitar pieces in the World/New Age genre. This one has more of a Celtic feel as the EP progresses. Links to streaming below: 👇🏻

1. Pale Mourner – This song was inspired the poem, The Light Wraps You, by Pablo Neruda. I draw a lot of musical inspiration from the poems of Pablo Neruda (1904 – 1973). He was a Chilean diplomat and politician who also happened to be one of the greatest love poets of all time. Neruda won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.

2. Casadh an Tsúgáin – A traditional Irish song that means “The Twisting of the Hayrope”. This version is based on that of Irish Sean-nós singer, Iarla Ó Lionáird.

3. Mary Goes to Jesus – Mary Goes to Jesus is the most solemn and exquisite piece of music from The Passion of the Christ. It is also from the most poignant scene. John Debney’s score was nominated for an academy award in 2004.

4. The Parting Glass – ‘The Parting Glass’ is a Scottish traditional song written in 1770. This solo guitar arrangement is heavily inspired by the live a-capella versions of Loreena McKennitt and Hozier. I’m using the Loreena McKennitt key of D minor.

5. Paul – This is the melancholy motif from ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’. I took the chord progression and expanded on it. Composer, Volker Bertelmann is in the post-classical space which is marked by minimalism. I tried to stay with that spirt and create a sparse fingerstyle arrangement with lots of open space.

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