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MUSE: Undisclosed Desires | fingerstyle guitar

MUSE: Undisclosed Desires | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Undisclosed Desires Free Download on SoundCloud. I did this song years ago on this blog, maybe 2011. It was time for an update. Muse has always been a treasure trove of melody. This arrangement turned out to be relatively easy to play as well. As […]

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Radiohead: Codex (fingerstyle guitar)

Radiohead: Codex (fingerstyle guitar) + TAB

Codex Free download on SoundCloud. Codex (The King of Limbs 2011) is one of my favorite Radiohead songs. I’m surprised it’s not used in more film soundtracks. This arrangement is heavily derived from the Westworld (Season 2) variation where composer Ramin Djawadi performs the song […]

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you should see me in a crown - for classical guitar

Billie Eilish: you should see me in a crown – fingerstyle guitar + TAB

you should see me in a crown Free download on SoundCloud. I love this song by Billie Eilish. The chorus is so heavy. I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a solo guitar version for quite some time. I’m glad I finally did — as […]

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Hozier: Like Real People Do for classical guitar

Hozier: Like Real People Do – fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Like Real People Do Free Download on SoundCloud. I JUST got into Hozier. I couldn’t stand the song, Take Me to Church, so I wrote off his music years ago. However, a guitar student of mine requested to learn some of his stuff — and […]

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Muse: Isolated System for classical guitar

Muse: Isolated System – fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Isolated System Free download  on SoundCloud. I love this instrumental piece by Muse. It worked perfectly as the theme song for Brad Pitt’s World War Z in 2013. That was a great movie and it’s unfortunate that Paramount shelved the sequel just last month due […]

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Jason Isbell: Pancho & Lefty (guitar line)

Jason Isbell: Pancho & Lefty (guitar line) + TAB

Jason Isbell Free download on SoundCloud. To say the least, Jason Isbell is the preeminent singer/songwriter of our time.  Almost lost in the superb songwriting and flawless singing — is Jason Isbell’s world class guitar playing. If you get the opportunity to watch a Jason […]

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Uninvited - City of Angels - Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette: Uninvited – instrumental for acoustic guitar + TAB

Uninvited Free Download on SoundCloud. I know, this was an odd choice for me. However, having worked out this rendition for a guitar student — I just had to post it on on this blog — it turned out great. City of Angels (Nick Cage, […]

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there will be blood

There Will Be Blood: Prospector Arrives (Jonny Greenwood) for guitar + TAB

Prospector Arrives Free MP3 Download of this performance Like the film itself, Jonny Greenwood’s avant garde score for There Will Be Blood is one of the best in cinematic history. Greenwood was qualified from the Academy Awards in 2007 on a tiniest of technicalities. Many […]

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billie eilish

Billie Eilish: come out and play (acoustic guitar) + TAB

come out and play Free Download on SoundCloud. This is a very cute song (with a great message) by Billie Eilish. I talk with high-level guitar players all the time who are petrified to put their stuff out there for fear of criticism, or lack […]

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Boy Erased: Revelation (Troye Sivan & Jonsi) fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Revelation Free download on SoundCloud. I love this song. Revelation is so minimalist — specifically the “vinyl” version from the Boy Erased soundtrack. I used the vinyl version as a template for this guitar arrangement. The power of Revelation is in it’s subtlety; the unprocessed (unproduced) delicate […]

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billie eilish

Billie Eilish: when the party’s over (fingerstyle guitar) + TAB

Free Mp3 Download on Soundcloud Billie Eilish My job as a private guitar teacher keeps me young. I’m 41 at the moment, and long past the age where most people take in new music. My peers have retreated to the music of the college years, […]

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a start is born

A Star Is Born: Shallow (guitar instrumental) + TAB

Shallow Free MP3 Download on SoundCloud. Shallow, by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper, is a performance from their new film, A Star is Born — also directed by Bradley Cooper. While I haven’t seen the movie yet, Bradley Cooper sounds really good. One has to […]

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