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Radiohead: Spectre | fingerstyle guitar

With regard to this discarded jewel of a Radiohead song. My thinking has become clearer in the past few days, since it’s Christmas release. The movie SPECTRE is not that great. The first hour is phenomenal, but the third act is confusing, shoddy, and perfunctory. As […]

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Seal: Crazy | fingerstyle guitar

I really dig R & B fingerstyle guitar playing. One of my favorite performances is John Mayer playing Human Nature at the Michael jackson memorial. I had the occasion to hang out with Mayer in 2001. His first album had just been released and my […]

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Sam Smith

Sam Smith: Writing’s on the Wall (Spectre) fingerstyle guitar

Like Adele’s Skyfall, and Chris Cornell’s You Know My Name — Sam Smith’s, Writing’s On the Wall will go down as one of the better Bond themes. The love-song ballad, is a perfect contrast to the muscularity of a Bond film. The vibe of Writing’s […]

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high by the beach

Lana Del Rey: High By the Beach | fingerstyle guitar

My current gear I receive a ton of questions, mainly on YouTube, about my gear: guitars, strings, camera, etc. I feel like I have a pretty obvious gear page on this blog, but for those who don’t feel like averting their eyes, here’s a short […]

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Lana Del Rey: How to play Honeymoon | fingerstyle guitar

Chances are, you’re wrong “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” ― Mark Twain I’ve always loved that quote. It’s just as true with a mob — as it is with your own mind. Our […]

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True Detective Season 2

True Detective Season 2: How to play My Least Favorite Life by Lara Lynn

This song was amazing during the bar scene of True Detective Season 2, Episode 1. Lera Lynn’s guitar work totally reminds me of Jeff Buckley’s sweeping, wide-open guitar progressions of Grace. Season 1 was a slow start for me, but once I got into it, […]

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Jonsi and Alex: Shooting Stars | fingerstyle guitar

Excuse my haggard look in the video — I have a 12 week old infant son. Not much sleep — or anything happening — unless it directly involves him. Somehow I manage to turn out a post each week, but it’s definitely tough as there’s […]

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My Terracotta Heart

Blur: How to play ‘My Terracotta Heart’ | fingerstyle guitar

In the pantheon of British rock bands, Blur is up there with the greatest of all time. Damon Albarn is a genius musician — however, there’s nothing he’s done (in the eyes of most fans) that compares to Blur. Blur guitarist (Graham Coxon) and bassist (Alex James) […]

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Age of Adaline

Age of Adaline: Start Again | fingerstyle guitar

I love Rob Simonsen’s music. He’s truly a composer for this era. His music has a distinct dreamyness to it, and it’s perfect for the indie genre of movies that he’s most known for.  I first created a guitar arrangement for Walk in the Trees […]

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shut up and dance

Walk the Moon: Shut Up and Dance | fingerstyle guitar

I really like Walk the Moon. Their first album is just as good as Talking is Hard, and it was a favorite of my wife’s a couple of summers ago. I’m endlessly fascinated with success of all types, and I’m totally impressed with Walk the […]

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St. Jude

Florence + The Machine: St. Jude | fingerstyle guitar

“Sometimes I find that music is so much more attractive than love. I don’t know… It’s like some kind of euphoria, that love can’t bring to you.” ― Florence Welch I remember in the late 90’s when ceremonial women artists dominated “alternative” music. By ceremonial, […]

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Brooklyn Baby

Lana Del Rey: Brooklyn Baby | fingerstyle guitar

We’ve had a home renovation the past two months, on top of: getting my new EP released, preparing for our new baby, and a myriad of other life stuff. Although it may seem like my work hasn’t suffered, trust me, it has. Things have slowed […]

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