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The House

I highly recommend The House on Netflix. In general, stop-animation is incredibly engaging — with a weirdness and authenticity that’s impossible to look away from. The House couples this with excellent writing and a creeping dread. This film is an easy watch — and you won’t be checking your phone.

Then the right set of dishes. Then the perfect bed. The drapes. The rug. Then you’re trapped in your lovely nest, and the things you used to own, now they own you.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

The Fight Club metaphor is in full swing here. ‘The House’ has an obvious and universal message that should be revisited by our society: we’re all sucked in and driven by unbridled consumerism, and our priorities are backwards. The film is not preachy in the least bit, but it’s incredibly thoughtful.

The music is by Gustavo Santaolalla, with the final song being sung by Jarvis Cocker from the British rock band, Pulp.

[This is Hardcore (Pulp) is one of my most treasured albums. Jarvis and Santaolalla teaming up on the same same tune?!?! I’m sold. Take money now.]

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How to play, This House Is… | fingerstyle guitar

The guitar tab for this arrangement is beautifully written across 3 pages. I recommend it for intermediate guitar players and up. Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

My order of play looks like this, in accordance with the guitar tab:

Page 1: Verse 1A, Verse 1B

Page 2: Verse 2A, Verse 2B, Pre-Chorus

Page 3: Pre-Chorus (cont.), Chorus

Page 1: Verse 1A

Page2: Verse 2B, Pre-Chorus

Page 3: Pre-Chorus (cont.) Chorus, End
(I replace the final Em chord with the Em9 at the end of the TAB.

For the strumming sections — I’m just brushing my fingertips across the strings in a strumming motion. There’s no real technique to it. You’ll see my strum pattern below the TAB: D=down and U=up.

Additionally I’ve given you the chord names above the guitar tab.

**This House Is… | fingerstyle guitar

This song is played in standard tuning, with a cap on the 3rd fret.