Brokeback Mountain

[Updated for 2017]

Next to the Brokeback Mountain Suite, Riding Horses is my favorite selection from Gustavo Santaolalla’s iconic, Academy Award winning score for Brokeback Mountain.

This music is literally the whole reason for my guitar style, this blog, musical philosophy, etc. It’s not just me either, I have friends who are high-level touring musicians in rock bands — and they also appreciate the Brokeback Mountain score.

For whatever reason, Gustavo Santaolalla connected with everybody on this one.

I recorded Riding Horses for YouTube a few years ago, but I was never happy with it. It’s two guitar parts, and I could never figure out how to play it easily as a single guitar piece.

I came back to it a lot over the years, and I finally figured it out. Now it’s perfect. Riding Horses is easily one of the most beautiful pieces of music Gustavo santaolalla has ever written.

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How to play Riding Horses, by Gustavo Santaolalla

The guitar tab for Rising Horses is a single page, and beautifully written. The introduction is played 4x, and the main section or passage is played 2x. You’ll then jump into the ending slightly early as indicated by the guitar tab.

Riding Horses is very easy to play. Please enjoy. The guitar tab is available below:

Riding Horses is played in a hybrid Open G tuning. Your tuning is as follows from low to high: D G D G A D

Gustavo Santaolalla: Riding Horses (Brokeback Mountain)

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