It’s a short list, but as a matter of integrity, I only recommend gear that I personally and currently use. I update this list every month — as I routinely find better stuff to use. This is what I’m currently using:


Cordoba GK Studio
The GK Studio is the best all-around guitar I’ve owned. It has very low and easy action, great tone, and plenty of versatility with the stylish looking cut-away. It sounds great played with a pick or with your fingers.  Although I never use it with an amp, the Gk Studio comes equipped with a Fishman pickup system and tuner.

Taylor GS Mini-E Walnut
This is my (steel string) teaching guitar. I’m a house-call guitar teacher so I’m in and out of students homes all day long. Needless to say, I value instruments that are smaller, have excellent tone, and effortless play-ability.

I settled on the GS mini after researching about 8 different guitars and trying them all. Nothing even came close to the GS mini. Despite its smaller size it sounds better and louder than most full size instruments and it plays like a full size guitar.

Cordoba C7
This is a relatively inexpensive classical.  I use this guitar for my alternate and de-tuned songs. Cordoba is so good at making nylon string guitars, that even a modest model like the C7 sounds amazing.

[I use Savarez Yellow Card strings with my AC65. These strings are super high tension — and they perform well at ultra low and alternate tunings.]

2014 63′ Relic Fender Custom Shop Telecaster
This guitar was given to me by a close friend and longtime student. It sounds amazing.


Vox AC10
For my straight tube clean and distortion tone, I use a Vox AC10. The “no frills” amp has reverb, and is simple to use. I plug my Strat straight into it.


BOSS Tremolo
I’ll use this on occasion when playing a Gustavo Santaolalla piece from 21 Grams or Amores Perros.

Walrus Warhorn
Although considered a medium overdrive pedal, I use this for adding compression to my clean tone, and adding slight drive into my clean tone as well. I also use it for tone-shaping. It’s just on all the time.


Savarez Red Card nylon strings
I reserve the right to change my opinion, but these are THE BEST strings that I’ve used so far. The treble strings use rectified nylon which sound better, and are much easier to play if you use your finger tips (not nails) like me.

G7th Classical Performance Capo
The “luxury” capo. If you like fine things, you’ll love this. The G7th capo is stainless steel and it’s tightening mechanism allows you to apply just enough tension. The problem with capos other than G7th, is they disrupt the tuning of your guitar. I recommend their capos for all guitars, nylon as well as steel string

Shubb Capo
I use this for my Taylor GS Mini steel string, and Fender Stratocaster. I like how small and discreet it is. Well built to.

Snark clip-on tuner
The greatest guitar tuner ever. The Snark senses the vibration of your strings allowing you to tune while speaking, or being in a loud environment. It clips to the end of your acoustic or electric guitar for easy convenience.


Zoom Q8
This is the camera I use to record my videos for YouTube. It delivers PCM CD quality sound with my videos. I save the audio WAV files for my SoundCloud, and albums. The Q8 comes with a detachable X/Y stereo microphone that is versatile enough to record yourself, a full band, or concert.

Zoom SSH-6 Shotgun Microphone
Since I’m only recording myself, I recently upgraded to the Zoom SSH-6 Shotgun microphone. The SSH-6 is designed to pick up what’s directly in front of it. It also has to stereo mics in the rear to pick up a little bit of the room for a more balanced sound. Just detach the X/Y with the click of a button and click in the Shotgun. I use the Zoom Q8 to blend just a smidge of the Shotgun stereo mics.

[If you plan on recording single guitar performances like me, both the Zoom Q8 and Stereo Shotgun microphone can be purchased together. Also, I recommend a tabletop tripod if you plan to record from from an office desk as I do.]