[Updated 4/19/22]

A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It, is modern classic movie about the two sons of a stern minister, growing up in rural Montana while devoted to fly fishing. One son is reserved, while the other one (Brad Pitt) is rebellious. The movie is directed by Robert Redford, and it’s based off the semi-autobiographical book (A River Runs Through It) by Norman Maclean.

A River Runs Through It, won an Academy award for best cinematography, and was nominated for best screenplay and best original score by composer Mark Isham. I’m 45 at the moment. If you’re around my age, you’ll fondly remember this movie and its musical score.

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Gear used

For this piece, I used my Cordoba GK Studio guitar. You can find a current list of my gear here.

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The Intellimusica Spotify Playlist: Ethereal & Cinematic Guitar
Deep cuts from artists like Gustavo Santaolalla, Hans Zimmer, Jeff Buckley, and Radiohead – combine to create a heady flow of music for focus, meditation, and self-reflection. This is a Guitar focused (but not exclusive) playlist that elicits the emotional, captivating quality of modern film scores.

(This playlist is curated and updated by me. It’s music that I’ve played and intend to play on Intellimusica.)

How to play, A River Through It, by Mark Isham

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The guitar tab for A River Through It is three pages long and played straight through, without repeats. The chord shapes are not difficult — but the high capo position doesn’t leave you with a lot of room to move. Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

Additionally, you’ll have to agile. While the chord shapes are relatively simple, switching positions gracefully will be tough — even for intermediate guitar players.

A River Through It, for classical guitar

A River Through It is played in standard tuning with a capo on the 5th fret.