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Yellowstone is a Paramount TV series written and directed by Taylor Sheridan (Sicario, Hell or High Water, Wind River). Kevin Costner plays John Dutton, a father trying to protect his ranch, the largest in the United States, from land developers, and a neighboring Indian reservation.

Taylor Sheridan is one of those writer/directors where I’m frequently checking his IMDb page. I can’t get enough of his characters and backdrops.

I really love this opening theme and sequence. The music by composer, Brian Tyler, has a slight Spanish characteristic to it — so I knew the chord progression would easily work on guitar. The music dips into some dissonant sounding chord shapes that I thought were very compelling. I’m excited to borrow those ideas for my own music.

You can find more pieces like this in my 2 Minute Classical Guitar Archive.

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How to play the Yellowstone theme for guitar

The guitar tab for Yellowstone is beautifully written across two pages. Although there’s some Gustavo Santaolalla-esque trills in my arrangement — the piece is under two minutes — making it doable for beginner guitarists. However, I do recommend it for intermediate guitar players and up.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

The guitar tab is 2 pages long, and is comprised of a long verse passage that you’ll play twice. The repeated section is within the |: repeat :| brackets. The arrangement is simple:


Verse 2x.

I’ve also given you the names of the chord shapes, to help you play the guitar tab more efficiently (and learn your chord shapes ;)

**Yellowstone: theme | fingerstyle guitar

The Yellowstone theme is played in standard tuning.