The Garden Tomb is my first EP since 2012’s Sinking Ships & Wooden Kings. It’s a collection of 5 contemplative guitar pieces in the New Age/World genre. It’s available wherever you get your music. Here’s a couple of quick links:



The tracks:


I’ve written music for a few short films. The character Anna has been in two of them. This piece was written in 2016 for a film called, Broken Noons. However, it was never used in the film so I decided to release it on my own.

Anna – (Ambient, World guitar) + TAB

A Winged Cupid Painted Blind

I wrote the opening section of this piece about 15 years ago. I was never able to finish the song until 2019. Winged Cupid is heavily inspired by the work of composer, Abel Korzeniowski.

A Winged Cupid Painted Blind (Ambient, Contemporary guitar) + TAB

The Garden Tomb

I am FASINATED with the archeology surrounding Jesus Christ. While most experts believe The Church¬†of the¬†Holy Sepulchre is the final resting place of Christ. There’s an addition site, The Garden Tomb, which looks remarkably like the tomb you would imagine: small, humble, with a giant roll away stone.

The Garden Tomb (Ambient, World guitar) + TAB


I wrote this piece for the short film, Broken Noons, which was used as the end credits theme. It’s one of my all time favorite songs to play.

Rain (Ambient, World guitar) + TAB

Until the Heart Whispers Back

I almost didn’t release this track — as I didn’t like tone of the steel string acoustic. However, I found that adding light compression to my tracks is like a chef using salt: it’s a trick that always works. Compression brought out all these interesting harmonics that created a rawness and authenticity to the recording.

Until the Heart Whispers Back (Contemporary, Ambient guitar) + TAB


I hope you enjoy The Garden Tomb EP. More to come in 2021!

Thanks for reading and listening,