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MUSE: Undisclosed Desires | fingerstyle guitar

MUSE: Undisclosed Desires | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Undisclosed Desires Free Download on SoundCloud. I did this song years ago on this blog, maybe 2011. It was time for an update. Muse has always been a treasure trove of melody. This arrangement turned out to be relatively easy to play as well. As […]

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Muse: Isolated System for classical guitar

Muse: Isolated System – fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Isolated System Free download  on SoundCloud. I love this instrumental piece by Muse. It worked perfectly as the theme song for Brad Pitt’s World War Z in 2013. That was a great movie and it’s unfortunate that Paramount shelved the sequel just last month due […]

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something human

Muse: Something Human (fingerstyle guitar) + TAB

Something Human Free MP3 Download on SoundCloud. Something Human, in terms of feel and spirit, is a throwback to Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill. As with all of Muse’s music; there’s depth of musicality and thoughtfulness in the lyrics. On a personal note, I’m high-strung all […]

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Muse: Starlight | fingerstyle guitar

I just saw Muse in Cleveland Ohio two weeks ago, and it was by far the best sounding, and most technologically advanced show I have ever seen. Matthew Bellamy (guitar/vocals) and Chris Wolstenholme (bass/vocals) are really amazing guitar players as they simultaneously: sing, play, trigger […]

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Muse: Madness | fingerstyle guitar

Sounding like equal parts George Michael and U2, Muse’s new single Madness, is an unbelievably crafted pop-song.  Coldplay front-man Chris Martin praises it as “Muse’s best song ever” and there’s even a Phil Collins-esque (bump bump, bump bump, bump bump) drum fill into the final chorus crescendo. […]

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