Something Human

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Something Human, in terms of feel and spirit, is a throwback to Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill. As with all of Muse’s music; there’s depth of musicality and thoughtfulness in the lyrics.

On a personal note, I’m high-strung all the time with work projects — and the general rat race of being a musician in his early forties. Often I reach a breaking point where I simply crave time my wife and 3 year old son. I totally get what Mat Bellamy is saying when he sings:

“My circuits have blown
I know it’s self-imposed
And all I have shared, and all I have loved
Is all I’ll ever own…”

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Gear Used

For Something Human, I used my Cordoba C7 Cedar. It’s a relatively inexpensive guitar that I use for alternate tunings. My string for this particular guitar are Savarez Yellow Card: a higher tension string that performs well in deep tunings.

You can find a list of all of my current gear here.

How to play Something Human for classical guitar

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This version is definitely not for everybody. I was going for something mellow punctuated with trills and small moments of intensity — like Radiohead meets Gustavo Santaolalla. 

The guitar tab for Something Human is beautifully written across two pages. Overall, I would characterize this piece as easy to play. My order of play, in accordance with the guitar tab, looks like this: Verse, Pre Chorus, Chorus 2x, End 1 — Verse, Pre Chorus, Chorus, End 2.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

Something Human is played in a low (step and a half down) tuning. You guitar will be tuned like this from low to high: C# F# B E G# C#. Or, depending on your tuner, it might look like this: Db Gb B E Ab Db.

Again, it’s a normal tuning — just lower — so you could play this in standard: E A D G B E, etc. It just wouldn’t sound as low as my performance in the video above.

Something Human for classical guitar

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