981_articleI just saw Muse in Cleveland Ohio two weeks ago, and it was by far the best sounding, and most technologically advanced show I have ever seen.

Matthew Bellamy (guitar/vocals) and Chris Wolstenholme (bass/vocals) are really amazing guitar players as they simultaneously: sing, play, trigger effects, and are in total control of every synthetic squeal from their guitars.

This rock show got me thinking about different guitar players, and how they cultivated their unique style.

My teaching style has always been to totally adapt to the desires of my student.  I realized early on, that people respond better when I share their excitement, rather than forcing my musical tastes on them — however unintentional it may may be.

The end result is: none of my students, not even the kids that I’ve taught for 10 years, sound anything like me — but rather, they’re personal style is a mash-up of every song, riff, and solo they’ve ever learned.

I’m absolutely addicted to Palladia, and I remember watching a John Mayer Storytellers where he mentioned that he feels like a crappy version of his musical influences.  That’s extremely well said.  Aren’t we all just a crappy version of our influences?

And this is precisely why we should never cultivate any angst with regard to our status as guitar players:  we’re all truly unique in the way we play.

People seek investment advice from Warren Buffet but never achieve the same results.  The reason?   Because Warren Buffet is a unique mash-up of his financial and philosophical influences — and thus has cultivated superior DNA for investing that no one on earth can replicate.

There is only one Warren Buffet, one John Mayer, and one you.

How to Play Starlight for classical guitar

Although nearly the entire song is played on the first three frets, I can’t say that it’s that easy to play.  Starlight (at least my version), is kind of relentless in the way its played, and for that reason, I found it to be a little difficult.

However, their aren’t any difficult chord positions, and the tab is pretty straight forward.  I also wrote the basic chord position for each part underneath the tab.  

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

Starlight is tuned one 1/2 step down

Starlight (Tab)

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