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The Garden Tomb - Evan Handyside (ambient, World guitar)

The Garden Tomb – Evan Handyside (ambient, World guitar) + TAB

The Garden Tomb Free download on SoundCloud. A few months back, I decided to give meditation a serious go. I found the process to be unnatural for me — as I couldn’t quiet my mind (Playing guitar is really the only thing that truly quiets […]

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In Grace, Evan Handyside

In Grace – Evan Handyside (Ambient, World guitar) + TAB

Every post since July 2018 has (and will have) a free MP3 Download available on SoundCloud. Listening is an underrated form of practice. Making these songs a part of playlist is a good idea. Special thanks Sedona based photographer/guitarist Derek von Briesen for the photo. […]

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the passion of the christ

The Passion of the Christ: Mary Goes to Jesus (John Debney) fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Mary Goes to Jesus Mary Goes to Jesus is the most solemn and beautiful piece of music from The Passion of the Christ. It is also from the most poignant scene: The Apostle John, takes Mary to a better vantage point to possibly see, touch, […]

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martin scorsese

Martin Scorsese’s Silence (2016): Dreams and Echoes for guitar + TAB

There’s a subtle celtic theme that runs through the ambient/drone score of Silence. The theme is most noticeable on the tracks: Rain Falls Unceasingly on the Sea, Dreams and Echoes, and Only God Can Answer The score for Silence is by composer, Kim Allen Kluge […]

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john debney

The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection | fingerstyle guitar

Mel Gibson is undeniably one of the greatest actors, directors, and creators on this earth. The Passion of the Christ is a beautifully shot, and moving movie, with an Academy Award nominated score by John Debney. All of this good has unfortunately been sullied by Mel Gibson’s […]

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Roque Baños

Risen: closing theme | fingerstyle guitar

My late father was in the seminary when he met my mother, while working part-time in a department store in downtown Pittsburgh. Needless to say we grew up very, very Catholic. My dad was only 41 when he passed away of a heart attack in […]

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