Post Malone

A student of mine (thanks Alyssa) introduced me to Stay. Post Malone is definitely not on my radar screen, but I was taken aback by the musicality of this piece.

Although Post Malone’s look and personality are unserious, he is a serious musician. When distilled to a single nylon string guitar, you can appreciate the musical sophistication of Stay.

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Gear Used

For Stay, I used my Cordoba GK Studio. It’s a great sounding, and easy playing guitar. For a current list of all of my gear: guitars, strings, recording, etc. — click here.

How to play Stay for classical guitar

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Post Malone’s Stay fit nicely into an instrumental guitar piece. All of his vocal phrasing fit perfectly into the pre-existing chord shapes. I think Stay is best for intermediate guitar players and up.

The guitar tab is beautifully written across three pages. You’ll play the guitar tab straight through. After the second verse (3rd page), you’ll go back to the page #2 and play the chorus section twice — followed by the End section.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

Stay is played in standard tuning.

Post Malone: Stay for classical guitar


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