Matera: Photo by Piermario Eva on Unsplash

No Time To Die

There’s some smart and slick musicality with No Time To Die. It’s like a computer algorithm generated the theme — combining the cultural zeitgeist of Billie Eilish with the last 25 Bond themes. In addition, I recently re-watched the film. Upon a second viewing, I think it’s incredible.

While I’m a huge Eilish fan — my Craig-era Bond theme preference is definitely Chris Cornell’s You Know My Name, Adele’s Skyfall, and Radiohead’s (tragically never used) Spectre. I suppose I’d like to hear more of ultra modern production of Billie and Finneas. For instance, the vibe and production of their songs: I Love You and Lovely are perfectly suited to a Bond film but are unmistakably “Billie”. Even still, No Time To Die is a great song that checks all the Bond theme boxes.

My goal with this variation was to extract the motifs that excite me — and create a singular guitar arrangement; a piece of music totally unto itself. The score of Casino Royale used many of Chris Cornell’s melodies and motifs from You Know My Name. I’ve always loved that. For No Time To Die, I imagined a piece of music that could actually be used in the film itself.

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How to play No Time To Die | fingerstyle guitar

No Time To Die is a great piece for intermediate guitar players. It forces you to be agile and move laterally on the neck. The guitar tab is beautifully written across two pages. Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

My order of play, in accordance with the guitar tab, goes like this: Pre-Chorus, Chorus #1 (you’ll stop at the | in the tab) — Verse, Pre Chorus, Chorus #1, Chorus #2.

**No Time To Die | fingerstyle guitar

This song is played in a Drop-A tuning (from low to high): A E A D F# B. Drop tunings are where the 6th string is lowered to match the 4th string. It’s most commonly known as a Drop D tuning.

You certainly don’t have to tune your guitar as low as mine to play No Time To Die. You could tune a whole step down — then drop the 6th: C G C F A D. [I regret not performing this piece in this tuning. It actually sounds the best.]

Even easier would be D A D G B E — which is a standard Drop D tuning.