Casino Royale

Casino Royale and You Know My Name are the best Bond film and theme song period. Daniel Craig’s 2006 debut coupled with the rock muscularity of Chris Cornell was pitch perfect. While the Quantum of Solace has grown on me over the years, Barbara Broccoli (Bond producer/owner) only achieved this exacta again with Skyfall and Adele.

I remain disappointed in (the very hokey) Spectre. As it turns out Craig and Sam Mendes were having “creative differences” and the production was a nightmare. It’s worth mentioning that Sam Mendes will most likely win an academy award for 1917 — and Daniel Craig always produces excellent performances. It goes to show how a soured relationship, and a poisoned well can ruin a $245 million dollar creative effort.

The performance above is the theme of Casino Royale. The arrangement is inspired by Chris Cornell’s ‘You Know my Name’ and it’s orchestral variation, ‘Aston Montenegro’.

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How to play Casino Royale | fingerstyle guitar

The guitar tab for this piece is beautifully written across four pages. I worked on different drafts of this song for a week before settling on this configuration. In accordance with the tab, my order of play looks like this: Intro, Chorus, Intro #2, Verse — Chorus, End.

I recommend this piece for intermediate guitar players and up. Rather than a verbatim rendition of You Know My Name, — I wanted to create a singular fingerstyle guitar piece. My inspiration is always Gustavo Santaolalla’s Brokeback Mountain Suite performance. It’s a musical journey from beginning to end. I wanted this to be a “Casino Royale Suite” in the same spirit.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

**Casino Royale | fingerstyle guitar

This piece is tuned: D A D G B E with a capo on the second fret. My guitar is tuned: C G C F A D with a capo on the 4 the fret. The former will work much better for your guitar.