Every 27 Years

I am amazed by composer, Benjamin Wallfisch. I hadn’t heard of him till I arranged his music from Dunkirk for guitar. If you’ve seen Dunkirk, Wallfisch contributed the ambient melodic movements which embody the ‘heart’ of the film — while Hans Zimmer created the tension.

Every 27 Years can be considered the IT theme. It’s a solo piano piece that sounds like delicate (yet demented) carnival music. When distilled to a single guitar, you can see the sophisticated operating level of Benjamin Wallfisch.

Gear Used

For Every 27 Years I used my Cordoba GK Studio. It’s truly my best sounding guitar.

You can find a current list of my gear, here.

How to play Every 27 Years for classical guitar

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Needless to say, I recommend Every 27 Years for intermediate guitar players and up. It will favor those with a few years of playing experience.

This guitar tab is beautifully written across three pages, and played straight through, without repeats.

Good luck! The guitar tab is available below:

Every 27 Years is played in standard tuning:

Every 27 years for classical guitar

Written by:

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