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IT: Blood Oath | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Blood Oath This is definitely my favorite piece from the IT score. I’m 45, so I remember when the book came out in the 80’s: Stephen King’s IT (the book) was figuratively and literally biggest thing in 1986. I remember going Christmas shopping at the […]

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It (2017): Beverly (Benjamin Wallfisch) for guitar + TAB

Beverly Composer Benjamin Wallfisch’s IT score, is one of the great scores of 2017. I’m still enjoying the music, even two months removed from seeing the movie. Beverly was a much requested piece from the score. If you’ve seen the movie, this music is played […]

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IT: Every 27 Years | fingerstyle guitar + TAB

Every 27 Years Every 27 Years can be considered the IT main title theme. It’s a solo piano piece that sounds like delicate (yet demented) carnival music. When distilled to a single guitar, you can see the sophisticated operating level of composer, Benjamin Wallfisch. You […]

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