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Blood Oath

This is definitely my favorite tune from the IT score. I just recently saw the movie and it’s great (no pun intended).

I’m 40, so I remember when the book came out in the 80’s. Actually I was literally the exact same age in 1989 as kids in the movie (The Losers Club).

Stephen King’s IT (the book) was figuratively and literally biggest thing in 1986. I remember going Christmas shopping at the mall with my mom. We had two book stores at the mall: B. Dalton and Waldenbooks. Both had enormous IT displays.

I remember the book looking HUGE with the infamous paper boat and a creepy lizard-like hand attached to a sewer grate. Oddly, nothing to indicate a clown whatsoever.

The 80’s was punctuated by movies where young groups of friends overcame odds: ET, Goonies, Stand by Me (my favorite, also by Stephen King).

Like Stranger Things, this new IT movie is a throwback to that cultural ‘thing’. Much more than a creepy movie, IT has laughs and heart too.

Blood Oath is played toward the end of the movie, lending a tenuous resolution the Losers Club frightening adventure.

Gear Used

For Blood Oath, I used my Cordoba GK Studio. I’m not really a classical guitar player, but nylon string guitars work much better for the delicate film score stuff I play on this blog. The GK Studio is incredibly even sounding, and it projects very well. I play with my fingertips (not nails) so I need my guitar to be loud and bright.

If you’re playing a nylon string guitar with your fingertips, I recommend Savarez Red Card strings. They have rectified nylon on the trebles which helps with grip and feel. They sound amazing too.

You can find an updated list of all of my gear here.

You can find all of my arrangements from Benjamin Wallfisch’s IT soundtrack, here.

How to play Blood Oath for classical guitar

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I would characterize Blood Oath as easy to play. There are no difficult chord shapes — at least not difficult enough to hinder a beginner’s progress.

The guitar tab is two pages long, beautifully written, and played straight through without repeats. I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I did — and go see IT! The guitar tab is available below:

Blood Oath is played in hybrid of two common tunings: Open G and DADGAD. The tuning for Blood Oath is as follows, from low to high: D G D G A D. >Then you’ll apply a capo the second fret.

Blood Oath for guitar

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