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Blood Oath

This is definitely my favorite piece from the IT score. I’m 45, so I remember when the book came out in the 80’s:

Stephen King’s IT (the book) was figuratively and literally biggest thing in 1986. I remember going Christmas shopping at the mall with my mom. We had two book stores at the mall: B. Dalton and Waldenbooks. Both had enormous IT displays. I remember the book looking HUGE with the infamous paper boat and a creepy lizard-like hand attached to a sewer grate. Oddly, nothing to indicate a clown whatsoever.

The 80’s was punctuated by movies where young groups of friends overcame odds: ET, Goonies, Stand by Me (my favorite, also by Stephen King). Like Stranger Things, the latest IT movie is a fond throwback to the culture of 1980’s America. Much more than a creepy movie, IT has laughs and heart too.

Blood Oath is played toward the end of the movie, lending a tenuous resolution to The Losers Club frightening adventure. I absolutely adore this piece music.

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How to play Blood Oath for classical guitar

Blood Oath is best for intermediate guitar players and up. While there are no difficult chord shapes, you’ll need a bit of grace and agility, which will best suit intermediate guitar players. I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I do.

The guitar tab is available below:

The guitar tab is two pages long, beautifully written, and played straight through without repeats.

**IT: Blood Oath | fingerstyle guitar

Blood Oath is played in hybrid of two common tunings: Open G and DADGAD. The tuning for Blood Oath is as follows, from low to high: D G D G A D. >Then you’ll apply a capo the 2nd fret.