The Green Knight: Blome Swete Lilie Flour | fingerstyle guitar
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Blome Swete Lilie Flour

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Daniel Hart is one of my favorite composers . He often pairs with director, David Lowery (The Green Knight) — and has a very distinct tonality to his music. No matter how many instruments he uses — it always feels like a small collection of musicians playing in a chamber. There’s a minimalism and authenticity that reminds me of the (film) music of Nice Cave & Warren Ellis.

Blome Swete Lilie Flour stood out to me from The Green Knight soundtrack. It’s sounds like it could be a minstrel piece from The Witcher (another excellent soundtrack). The vocalist might be Daniel Hart himself — as no other singer is listed on the soundtrack. However, I haven’t yet seen The Green Knight — so I’m not sure if there’s an actor singing the section. Be as it may, I took the vocal/cello melody and interwove it in to the chord progression to create a true all-in-one fingerstyle arrangement. The end result is very medieval sounding.

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Gear used

This is a beautiful guitar that I borrowed from a friend. It’s a Taylor Builder’s Edition K14ce purchased from Empire Music here in Pittsburgh.  (Not an affiliate link. Those guys are just my buddies.) This guitar is WAY out of my price range at 5k. I’m gonna make some good use of it while I have it.

You can find a current list of my gear here.

How to play Blome Swete Lilie Flour | fingerstyle guitar

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I feel like this is one of the best arrangements I’ve ever done. The guitar tab is beautifully written across 2 pages. Blome Swete Lilie Flour is a great piece for intermediate guitar players and is really fun to play. I hope you enjoy it! The guitar tab is available below:

Blome Swete Lilie Flour is essentially one long passage played twice. My order of play looks like this: Intro, Verse Chorus, Verse, Chorus.

The Green Knight: Blome Swete Lilie Flour | fingerstyle guitar

I’ve put the relative chord position above the guitar tab to help you play more efficiently. This piece is played in standard tuning.

Written by:

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