a ghost story

A Ghost Story

If you haven’t heard the buzz over David Lowery’s A Ghost Story, the film features oscar winner Casey Affleck under a sheet for the majority of the run time.

Though I haven’t seen the film yet, I’m excited about (director) David Lowery’s highly original vision.

Having watched a few trailers and an interview or two, A Ghost Story seems to be an exploration of life from the perspective of a white-sheeted ghost who returns to his suburban home to try to reconnect with his grieving wife.

Little Notes

Composer and performer, Daniel Hart, has worked with David Lowery on all of his films. Daniel Hart is a violinist by training from Dallas, but is now based in Los Angeles where he works with his band, Dark Rooms. The principle song in A Ghost Story is from Dark Rooms, entitled I Get Overwhelmed.

I had never heard of Daniel Hart before this score, but I’m very familiar with his associated work with: St Vincent, Other Lives, and The Exorcist TV series.

Hart’s score for A Ghost Story is one of the coolest and most avant-garde collections of music you’ll ever hear. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I liked Little Notes for this blog — especially the dissonant ascending chord progression. The middle section posed a unique challenge for a single classical guitar.

Gear Used

For Little Notes, I used my cheap Alvarez AC-65 . I keep this guitar strung with Savarez Yellow Card strings for songs with low, alternate tunings. The strings are super high tension so the guitar still performs normally.

My camera is a Zoom Q8 with a Stereo Shotgun Microphone.

You can find all of my gear here.

How to play Daniel Hart’s Little Notes for classical guitar

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The guitar tab for Little Notes is 3 pages long and beautifully written. I recommend Little Notes for intermediate guitar players and up. Though I try to make everything as easy as possible (I think simple and minimal sounds better) this will be a tall order for a beginner guitar player.

In accordance with the guitar tab, my order of play is: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 1 + End. Pretty simple structure.

Enjoy. The guitar tab is available below:

Little Notes is played one whole step down. Your tuning is as follows from Low to High: D G C F A D.

A Ghost Story: Little Notes, by Daniel Hart


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