Batman Begins

Eptesicus is a prominent piece in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. This has always been one of my favorite pieces of music, and it’s usually centered around Bruce Wayne’s love interest, Rachel Dawes.

I’ve been re-watching Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. All three films are tremendous. While I haven’t seen Joker yet, I can’t imagine Joaquin Phoenix eclipsing Heath Ledger’s performance. Perhaps the two shouldn’t even be compared.

The music in Batman Begins is from Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. The latter films would be scored entirely by Hans Zimmer. It’s iconic music at this point, and themes are relatively sparse and simple.

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How to play Eptesicus | fingerstyle guitar

The guitar tab for Eptesicus is beautifully written across three pages. You’ll play the tab straight through — taking care to repeat the sections within the brackets.

Nothing I create requires a PhD in guitar to play, however Eptesicus is best suited to intermediate guitar players and up. Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

**Batman Begins: Eptesicus | fingerstyle guitar

Eptesicus is played one whole step down with the 6th string dropped and additional whole step. From low to high: C G C F A D.

This piece will sound just as good in a standard Drop D tuning. From low to high: D A D G B E.