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Tin Can

I wrote this song for a film I was working on last year. (I was let go of the project.) However, I kept all of the music to release on my blog and SoundCloud.

Even though the film didn’t work out for me, it was the best experience I’ve ever had. I realized how unprepared I was for success in that realm.

Writing the music was the easy part — but the audio quality of the files I sent to the producers were inadequate. Seemingly overnight, I got up to speed on all things regarding audio production. It has enhanced my blog, my YouTube channel — literally everything I do.

The inspiration for Tin Can was a little gem from the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack called, Snow. It’s a light, gitty-up kind of tune, and that’s what I wanted to convey with Tin Can.

Not sure how to describe Tin Can other than: American, Appellation, or maybe Bluegrass?

You can find more of my music + guitar TABS here. Or check out my SoundCloud.

Gear Used

For Tin Can, I used my Cordoba GK Studio. It’s a great sounding guitar guitar that’s relatively inexpensive. Even though it’s equipped with a pickup, I never plug it in. I’m a firm believe that acoustic guitars of any kind should be mic’d at the soundhole. You can find all of my current gear here.

How to play Tin Can: easy bluegrass guitar

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I like Tin Can for beginner and intermediate guitar players. All though it looks sophisticated, it’s not that difficult to play.

The only tricky part is the ghost bend on the 4th fret. I quickly bend the note up and pluck it on the way down. The Ghost bend is indicated with a G.B. in the first line of the guitar tab.

The guitar tab is beautifully written across three pages. My order of play, in accordance with the guitar tab is: Verse 2x, Chorus 2x, Chorus End — Verse 1x, Chorus 2x, Chorus End — End.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

Tin Can is played in standard tuning.

Tin Can, a song for guitar by Evan Handyside

Written by:

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