M. Night Shyamalan

Very happy that M. Night Shyamalan is doing well again. Split, starring James McAvoy, has excellent reviews — much like his 2015 “found footage” thriller, The Visit.

Ever since I saw, The Sixth Sense on a date with my girlfriend (now wife) M. Night has been up there with my favorite directors. Like everyone who saw The Sixth Sense for the first time, I never saw the final twist coming.

Scrolling through M. Night Shyamalan’s IMDb page, the only missteps for me (they’re different for everybody) are Lady in the Water and maybe The Last Airbender. I never saw the latter.

While risking my credibility with you, I will proclaim that After Earth, starring Will and Jaden Smith, is a great movie, and it deserves a second look from you.

After Earth was panned out of the gate, I believe unfairly, because of pack mentality. Articles and rumors spread before the movie’s release that it was merely Will Smith’s Scientology propaganda.

When I finally did see the movie on cable, it was very entertaining. I don’t think I looked at my iPhone once.

Even still, M. Night had a bleak stretch in the eyes of some, but his latest two films have been critically acclaimed. As always, he has: quirky characters, thrills, the “reveal”, and a big dose of heart in the film’s resolution.

My favorite M. Night Shyamalan film is Signs. The music by James Newton Howard is incredible and I’ve done a guitar version here.

How to play Kevin Wendell Crumb for guitar

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West Dylan Thordson, is an American film composer. He is best known for his original scores to Joy and Foxcatcher.

To me, Split’s main theme is Kevin Wendell Crumb. It’s a simple, and easy to play chord progression. The guitar tab for Kevin Wendell Crumb is only a single page long. You can find my easiest to play guitar tabs right here.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

Kevin Wendell Crumb is played two whole steps down, which gives the ambiguous chord progression an element of doom. Your tuning is as follows from low to high: C F A# D# G C — or depending on your tuner, C F Bb Eb G C.

Split: Kevin Wendell Crumb for guitar



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