Gustavo Santaolalla: Soft Descent | Inextinguishable Flames
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Soft Descent | Inextinguishable Flames

Free download of this performance on SoundCloud.

While Inextinguishable Flames is the prototypical riff from The Last of Us Part II -- Soft Descent is more reminiscent of Gustavo Santaolalla's work on The Motorcycle Diaries. The latter is quite possibly his greatest soundtrack.

With this piece, the low hanging fruit is everywhere. Santaolalla plays guitar and composes like a wide-eyed child just discovering the instrument. When arranging his music, I sense no ego whatsoever in his riff-ology. I find this to be the biggest challenge with my own music writing; the more you learn, the more you become bound by it. 

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My gear

For this arrangement, I used my Cordoba GK Studio guitar. You can find a current list of my gear here.

How to play Soft Descent | Inextinguishable Flames

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The guitar tab for Soft Descent | Inextinguishable Flames is beautifully written across three pages. You'll play the tab straight through, taking care to repeat the indicated section within page 2.

I recommend this piece for beginner and intermediate guitar players. This is a GREAT song for beginners to poke and prod at some advanced guitar playing: trills, slides, etc. The song is just about 2 minutes long so -- no matter the difficulty, it's doable for just about everyone. Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

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