Johann Johannsson: Flight from the City for guitar + TAB

Jóhann Jóhannsson is an Icelandic composer. He leads the modern post-classical movement, which is identified with experimental, minimalist, drone, and electronic music.

Jóhann is best known for his film music, primarily for his Oscar-nominated, Golden Globe-winning score for James Marsh’s The Theory of Everything — and his Oscar-nominated score for Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario.

Certain directors develop a comfort with composers, and Jóhann Jóhannsson has also scored Villeneuve’s, Prisoners, and his upcoming science-fiction movie, Arrival.

As an obvious turn of fate, Villeneuve will also direct the newest iteration of Blade Runner, with Jóhann Jóhannsson scoring. The original was scored by Vangelis, the godfather of the modern post classical genre which includes: Max Richter and Dustin O’Halloran.

Orphee, Jóhann Jóhannsson’s newest studio album, is essentially a concept album, inspired by the ancient tale of the poet Orpheus. Flight from the City is one of the first singles, and it is emblematic of Jóhannsson’s minimalist genius.

It is harder to write simple melodies and progressions. Restraint in music is difficult. If you have a good thing, it’s human nature to want more of it. Composer/guitarist Gustavo Santaolalla (Brokeback Mountain) explains it well:

“So, there’s all those spaces. I mean, I love that moment where you’re kind of suspended and it’s not the silence that occurs at the very end of a tune, but it’s the silence that occurs between two notes. I like to think that playing a lot of notes is something that is easier to achieve. You just practice alot, and you get to play a lot of notes. Not playing, it’s a little bit more difficult sometimes, you know?” – Gustavo Santaolalla, On Being podcast with Krista Tippett.

How to play Flight from the City for guitar

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Flight from the city is incredibly easy to play — which makes sense because the song is fairly minimal. The guitar tab is a single page long, and you’ll repeat the two sections in the repeat bracket 2x. I play through the entire guitar tab twice.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

Flight from the City is played in an unusual tuning: (from low to high) C F A# F A# D, or depending on your tuner, it will look like this: C F Bb F Bb D.

Flight from the City for guitar

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