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All Gone (No Escape)

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This is originally an orchestral piece — arguably the most achingly beautiful selection from The Last of Us score. It was fun to imagine what Gustavo Santaolalla might’ve played on guitar during All Gone (No Escape).

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Gear used

For All Gone (No Escape) is used my Cordoba C7 Cedar guitar. I use this guitar specifically for low and alternate tunings. It is strung with (higher tension) Savarez Yellow Card strings to handle the lower tunings.

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How to play All Gone (No Escape) for guitar

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All Gone (No Escape) is relatively easy to play. There are no difficult chord positions to speak of. The guitar tab is two pages longs and played straight through — without repeats.

I hope you enjoy playing this, as much as I did. The guitar tab is available below:

All Gone (No Escape) is played in an ultra low B standard tuning. Your tuning is as follows from low to high: B E A D F# B. Or, depending on your tuner: B E A D Gb B.

Gustavo Santaolalla: All Gone (No Escape) for guitar


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