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All Gone (Seasons)

The Last of Us Volume 2, is the supplemental soundtrack for ‘The Last of Us: Left Behind’ – downloadable expansion content that would be later bundled into ‘The Last of Us Remastered’. The music features compositions from the game, composed and produced by Gustavo Santaolalla.

Although I’m not a gamer (I’ve never seen or played TLOU) I have so much nostalgia for the original game music. It was a surprising treat when this adjunct music was released in 2014. Santaolalla plays so minimally and open-ended — that one could create endless variations of these themes.

With this medley, I begin with All Gone (Seasons). Then, at 0:58, I play a modified version of The Last of Us (Astray). Astray is the longest variation in this piece. I used some fingerstyle and trill techniques that Gustavo Santaolalla incorporated in the latest TLOU Part II soundtrack (2020).

2:49 begins a modified version of The Path (Vacant). Vacant is a really beautiful and darker cello variation of the original music. The end section at 3:38, if the “lift” motif entitled, A New Beginning.

Throughout this medley, I took liberties to alter the music, and create something entirely new. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as do!

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How to play All Gone (Seasons) | fingerstyle guitar

The guitar tab for this arrangement is beautifully written across 4 pages. Although it’s relatively easy to play, I recommend this piece for intermediate guitar players and up. Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

I wrote the time stamps within the tab — so you’ll know your proximity at any given time. I’ve also given you the names of the chord shapes, so you be able to play the piece more efficiently.

You’ll play the All Gone (Seasons) medley straight through. On page 4 “A New Beginning” a created a refrain section. You’ll play page 4 in it’s entirety, then repeat the refrain to finish the song.

**All Gone (Seasons) Medley | fingerstyle guitar

The original tuning for this piece is B standard: B E A D F# B. However, that is absurdly low for an acoustic guitar. I played one half step up from there. My tuning is (from low to high): C F A# D# G C.

That is still a fairly low tuning. If you’re running standard gauge strings, I recommend one whole step down: D G C F A D. It will sound just find and the outro (The Path) will pop nicely.