Dirty Blues in G

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This is a 12 Bar Blues improvisation in the key of G. Heavy quotes on the “improvisation” — as I knew exactly what I was going to play.

I like this jam because it’s short, and covers the 1,4,5 chord element as well as the lead.

I am by no means jumping in this realm as an expert. I’ve been trying to get better at my blues guitar playing recently — and creating content like this — is how I get better.

You’ll notice in the video, I gave a shout out to Ford Thurston. He’s a world-class guitar player from my hometown. Although we were in incredibly divergent bands in Pittsburgh, we played gigs together often.

Ford moved to Nashville 15 years ago, where he tours the world with top tier country artists like Randy Houser.

If you’re like me, and looking to take your blues to the next level, check out Ford’s videos. Mind-blowing guitar player. He’ll get you thinking outside the 1st position pentatonic scale.

You can find Ford’s YouTube channel here and on Instagram

My other recent favorite blues guitar players are Gregor Hilden and Ariel Posen. Ariel’s Instagram is also quite good.

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Any of my Blue guitar offerings + TABs. There’s plenty of acoustic-style blues stuff as well. Again, not an expert, just trying to get better. 

Gear used

My guitar is a 2014 63′ Relic Fender Custom Shop Telecaster. My amp is Vox AC10 with a Walrus Warhorn pedal for dirt and compression. You can find a current list of my gear here.

How to play Dirty Blues in G

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The guitar tab for Dirty Blues in G is only two pages long and written as clearly as possible. This is for intermediate and experienced guitar players. Lead guitar symbology can be intensive — so you really need to know how to read guitar tablature well for this piece.

I’m trying to think outside the blues box (1st position pentatonic) when creating licks — so there’s lots of bends, holds, slides into pull-offs, etc. I’ve included the chord shapes so you (and I) get a better understanding of the 1,4,5, blues progression — and where certain solo phrases fit.

Have fun, the guitar tab is available below:

Dirty Blues in G is played in standard tuning.

Dirty Blues in G (some chords & lead improvisation) + TAB

Written by:

Matthew's dad, Jennifer's husband, bass player - New Invisible Joy, YouTuber, short-film composer, creator of modern content for guitar.