Game of Thrones: “Hold the Door” for classical guitar + TAB

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[Warning: Spoilers ahead. Skip to the bottom for the guitar tab.]

For some reason this scene didn’t bother me too much — perhaps because I was concentrating on Ramin Djawadi’s compelling music instead. I was surprised to learn on Facebook the following day, that Game of Thrones fans were in total mourning over Hodor.

My wife, who was bummed out, explained: He was a gentle giant — whose entire (unfortunate) life trajectory was Bran’s fault.

I don’t totally get it yet. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the Interstellar-like space continuum aspect of Bran’s days of future’s past.

However, last season, I did lose sleep over the depravity of Stannis Baratheon and the demise of his daughter — which I thought was WAY worse.

It’s truly amazing that George RR Martin planned the “Hold the Door” reveal from the very beginning. How can this entire story, from start to finish, with all of these characters, be in someone’s mind? I’m not sure what I’m doing tomorrow — yet there are people who have plotted alternate universes in their entirety.

How to play “Hold the Door” for classical guitar

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I thought the music was very touching for final scene of The Door — Season 6, Episode 5. With the intensity and chaos of what was happening, the decision to favor a tender melody was a perfect counterbalance. It made the scene heartbreaking, and probably, subconsciously led to the emotional response from Game of Thrones fans.

This is suitable for intermediate guitar players and up. Hold the Door’s short duration makes very doable. Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

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