Fury: Norman (closing theme) for guitar

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Both of my grandfathers passed away when I was young, so my defacto grandfather was actually my wife’s grandfather, who we called Pap. I got know this man very well, and I wrote an entire blog post about him when he passed away last summer.

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How to play Norman, the closing theme of Fury, for classical guitar

When I scanned Steven Price’s score for Fury, I was looking for a dramatic outro — similar to his cresendo for Gravity, for which he won the Academy Award for best original score. For the movie Fury, it’s the final song on the soundtrack called Norman

[I also created a guitar arrangement for Gravity’s final theme.]

Norman is an excellent song for beginner and intermediate guitar players to improve the skill and dynamics. The main refrain is a collection of relatively easy chord shapes, played in quick succession. This is a riff that would benefit any guitar player’s skill set. The song’s short duration makes it doable for just about anyone.

As always the guitar tab is perfection — written concisely on a single page. I make a big deal about page length because the shorter the song, the less daunting it will seem to play. When music (guitar tab) is presented in the simplest way possible, the actual guitar playing becomes far easier as a result. 

Norman is

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  1. Brandon

    26. Oct, 2014

    Thank you yet again for another great tab :)
    This actually sounds a lot like a completed version of a song I’ve been working on. It uses almost all of the same chords. So that’s both awesome and unfortunate lol.

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