UMG_cvrart_00602537278541_01_RGB72_1600x1600_12UMGIM64322.170x170-75Many props to Quentin Tarantino for still putting so much emphasis on soundtracks. This time around his Django Unchained soundtrack/score is a highly stylized mix of old-school spaghetti western, retro R&B, and hip-hop.

Rather than the all encompassing interpretations I normally do — this can be considered an instrumental version of the original Django theme.  I was eager to use my Dolce guitar to capture Luis Bacalov’s very deliberate sounding major and minor bar chords.  This is also the first time I’ve used a guitar pick on this blog since Apertura!

I love this soundtrack so you can bet I’ll be doing more from it in the next few days.  

(Note: This is an extremely comprehensive tab, however you will need to know how to play basic major and minor bar chords before you begin.)

How to Play Django Instrumental for Spanish Guitar:

 This is flat out, bar chord mania!  While Django is not for beginners, this is a great way for novice guitar players to develop strength, stamina, and accuracy with bar chords.  I’ve done my best to label each chord and the … symbol just implies strumming.  

The tab is available below:

Although the original is slightly tuned up, I’ve played this version of Django in standard tuning.

Django (Tab)

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