Billie Eilish

My job as a private guitar teacher keeps me young. I’m 41 at the moment, and long past the age where most people take in new music. My peers have retreated to the music of the college years, only popping their head above ground for the latest Ed Sheeran single, or Dave Matthews concert.

My teenage, music obsessed guitar students, specifically the girls, are constantly supplying me with new music. To teach effectively — I have to get into their mindset and have exuberant appreciation for their music. [I imagine their intensity is like the first time I heard The Verve in my early 20’s.]

Oddly enough, practicing exuberant appreciation usually makes me fan too. That’s how I got into Billie Eilish. My 17 year-old guitar student Hannah has been getting me into her music for a while now.

I can only describe her music as alt-pop. Lyrically she’s a poet, and melodically she’s Prince. Stylistically, Billie Eilish plays the disaffected youth role to a T; like a petite Kurt Cobain, in oversized clothes and unwashed blonde hair.

In my current curmudgeon years, this post-modern grunge look usually annoys me. However, with Billie Eilish it seems totally authentic — which is part of her allure.

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I would definitely recommend when the party’s over for intermediate guitar players and up. The guitar tab is beautifully written across two pages. My order of play, in accordance with the guitar tab, goes like this: Verse, Chorus 2x — Verse, Chorus 2x — Bridge, Chorus 2x.

Enjoy; the guitar tab is available below:

when the party’s over is played in standard tuning with a capo on the 2nd fret.

Billie Eilish: when the party’s over (for classical guitar)