A Quiet Place

Marco Beltrami is a great top tier composer. His film scores include: World War Z, Wolverine, Snowpiercer, and The Homesman – directed by Tommy Lee Jones.

His piece from A Quiet Place, entitled, A Quiet Life, has some really slick transitions from melancholy — to dark — then back again. Within the piece, is a subtle bass line that I was able to exaggerate for the guitar arrangement in the “dark” section.

At 1:19 of the video there’s an “out of tune” note that is almost hidden — but it’s in the original piece.

With regard to his catalogue of films above — I really recommend Snowpiercer (a now cult classic Sci Fi film) and The Homesman. The latter is a compelling, and superbly acted story from the old west.

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How to play A Quiet Life, by Marco Beltrami

A Quiet Life is best for intermediate guitar players and up. The pulsating thumbed bass line can be difficult for novice guitarists.

The guitar tab for A Quiet Life is two pages long and beautifully written. Every note of the bass line is accounted for, so I’ve given you line breaks within the guitar tab to make it easier to read.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

A Quiet Life is played in standard tuning with a capo on the 4th fret.

**A Quiet Life, for classical guitar