You Only Live Twice (Beulahbelle version) fingerstyle guitar + TAB

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You Only Live Twice

This version of You Only Live Twice is from indie-folk-sister-duo,¬†Beulahbelle (Kaitlyn and Mady Dever). It’s used as the title track in the movie, Tully. Originally I planned on doing something from Rob Simonsen who scored the film, however Beulahbelle’s cover of You Only Live Twice was too cool to pass up.

[You Only Live Twice was originally performed by Nancy Sinatra for the Sean Connery era James Bond film of the same name.]

Beulahbelle’s You Only LIve Twice has a west coast, dusty, back of the bar vibe. Somewhere between Mazzy Star and Lana Del Rey. Lyrically, it fits the premise of Tully really well. Thumbs up to the decision maker on this one. Exquisite pick.

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Gear Used

For You Only Live Twice, I used my Cordoba GK Studio guitar. My strings are Savarez Red Card 520 R — the best nylon strings available if you play with your fingertips rather than nails. You can find an updated list of my gear recommendations here.

How to play, You Only Live Twice, for classical guitar

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You Only Live Twice is best for intermediate guitar players and up. I did my best to keep the arrangement as simple, lean, and elegant as possible.

The guitar tab is two pages long and beautifully written. My order of play goes like this in accordance with the guitar tab: Verse, Verse End #1 — Verse, Verse End #2 — Chorus — Verse, Verse End #2 — Chorus, Bridge 2x — Verse, Verse End #2, End.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

You Only Live Twice is played in

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