The X-Files

My wife and I are really enjoying the new season 10 of The X-Files. I specifically liked episode 3 with the were-monster (or were-human?). A very funny and comedic episode for The X-Files.

I’m a massive Rhys Darby fan from his days as Murray on Flight of the Conchords. Not to mention, the hilarious concept of a monster living free and happy, then changing into a depressed human — going through the materialistic compulsions and boring machinations of a typical human life.

And wow, I still have a massive crush on Agent Scully (Gillian Anderson).

How to play The X-Files theme fingerstyle guitar

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This is another piece of music that comes of as an étude: a short instrumental musical composition, designed to provide practice material for a particular skill.

I really like the opening bah, da, da, da – bah, da, da, da. I emphasized that above everything else, then weaved the melody underneath it. My wife, thinks that I should have done it the other way around, and made the melody more prominent. Oh well I guess!

My version of The X-Files theme is only 36 seconds long, so needless to say, the guitar tab is only a single page long. This is a perfect piece to practice syncopation — as I keep the bass note constant throughout. I recommend it for intermediate guitar players and up.

Good luck, the guitar tab is available below:

**The X-Files theme for classical guitar

The X-Files theme is played in standard tuning