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the edge

U2’s The Edge: Pride (In the Name of Love) + TAB

About one week after I bought my new American Special Stratocaster (in the video), Fender released The Edge Stratocaster. I love my guitar, but having played The Edge model, it’s vastly better. I like vintage styling, but I need modern amenities and The Edge strat […]

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Until the End of the World: How to play The Edge’s greatest riff + TAB

A short rant A young man, kind of metalhead, boldly exclaimed to me the other day that The Edge is the most overrated guitar player ever. I was young once (I’m 39) and I get the brash assertions young men make. I made them too. […]

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U2 - Achtung Baby

U2: Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses |fingerstyle guitar

About the exact same time Nirvana was revolutionizing alternative/rock music — U2 was revolutionizing alternative/pop music with Achtung Baby. 1991 was an amazing year in music history. I’m 37, and I can clearly remember when Achtung Baby was released. Synth effects, drum-loops, and distorted vocals […]

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