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Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold has long been one of my favorite songs from Sting. It first appeared on his 4th studio album, Ten Summoner’s Tales (1993). In his book Lyrics By Sting, the singer described the view from his 16th-century Wiltshire manor house, which inspired the song:

“In England, our house is surrounded by barley fields, and in the summer it’s fascinating to watch the wind moving over the shimmering surface, like waves on an ocean of gold. There’s something inherently sexy about the sight, something primal, as if the wind were making love to the barley. Lovers have made promises here, I’m sure, their bonds strengthened by the comforting cycle of the seasons.”

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How to play Fields of Gold for classical guitar

I consider Fields of Gold to be easy to play, as there are no difficult chord shapes. This is a perfect song for beginner guitar players to get into something that sounds sophisticated.

The guitar tab is 3 pages long and beautifully written. In accordance with the guitar tab, my order of play looks like this: Intro, Verse 1, Verse 2 — Verse 1, Verse 2, Bridge, — Verse 2, Verse 2, End.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

Fields of Gold is played in standard tuning.

Sting: Fields of Gold (instrumental for guitar)