Mare of Easttown: The Long Road (Yann Tiersen) | fingerstyle guitar
Photo by Joshua Eckstein | Unsplash

Mare of Easttown

Mare of Easttown was an awesome limited series on HBO. I was emailing back and forth with my friend Derek about the finale this week. His synoptic take was better than anything I could write:

“Mare of Easttown was a stunning piece of writing — crossing a murder mystery with generational family/town psychoanalysis. Kate Winslet and the rest of the cast are incredible, with maybe the best weekly cliff-hangers ever.

A first-rate whodunit set in PA with just about every small town dysfunctional family character trait and pathology (drugs, depression, suicide, divorce, out of wedlock, etc.) along with a healthy dose of love and forgiveness.”

I would add that (being from Pittsburgh) the depiction of small-town PA is spot on. They even incorporated the constant dreary weather! Although fictional, fans of True Crime (and True Detective) will love Mare of Easttown. It’s ultimately a story of redemption and forgiveness that really delivers in the finale.

The music in the final moments is a piece by composer Yann Tiersen entitled, The Long Road (Portrait Version). It worked out beautifully for guitar.

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How to play The Long Road (Portrait Version) | fingerstyle guitar

The guitar tab for this arrangement is beautifully written across two pages. I recommend The Long Road for beginner guitar players and up — as most of the chord shapes are really easy to play. Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

My order of play looks like this, in accordance with the guitar tab:

-Intro, Verse 2x, Outro

To finish the song, I repeat the top line of the Outro.

**Mare of Easttown: The Long Road (Yann Tiersen) | fingerstyle guitar

The Long Road (Portrait version) is played in an Open-G tuning (from low to high): D G D G B D. You’ll then put a capo on the 2nd fret.