lana del rey


Having listened all the way through Lana Del Rey’s new record, I’m continually amazed at her originality, and ability to endlessly create content in her space.

I guess, like anything, it’s mastery. If you’re obsessed, and relentlessly create, it becomes easier and easier. My arrangements and posts used to take me a minimum of 12 hours when it was all said and done. Now, 7 years later, I can bang out superior content in a couple of hours.

Heroin was the track I liked the most. I’ve also arranged Love for classical from Lust for Life. You can find all of my Lana Del Rey arrangements here.

Gear Used

For Heroin I used my Cordoba GK Studio. It’s truly my best sounding guitar. My hope is to eventually have 2 or 3 of these on hand — and solely use GK Studio’s for my music and blog. You can find all of my current gear here.

How to play Lana Del Rey’s Heroin for classical guitar

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I recommend Heroin for intermediate guitar players and up. It’s not super difficult to play — but it feels better suited to guitar players with at least a few months experience.

The guitar tab for Heroin is three pages long and beautifully written as usual. My order of play looks like this in accordance with the guitar tab:

Intro/Post Chorus 2x, Verse 2x, Pre Chorus, Chorus 2x, Intro/Post Chorus 2x — Verse 2x, Pre Chorus, Chorus 2x, Intro/Post Chorus 2x — Bridge 2x, Interlude, Chorus (#3) 2x, Intro/Post Chorus 2x, End.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

Heroin is played in standard tuning.

Lana Del Rey: Heroin for classical guitar