Twin Peaks

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Originally aired in 1990, Twin Peaks is a crime drama mixed with healthy doses of the surreal, this series is about FBI Agent Dale Cooper, who travels to the small logging town of Twin Peaks to solve the murder of seemingly innocent high schooler Laura Palmer.

Almost nothing is as it seems, however, and the show’s sometimes eerie visuals, oddball characters and wild dream sequences drive the point home. Twin Peaks is created by David Lynch.

An all new Twin Peaks has returned to Showtime for 2017.

I’m not super into David Lynch stuff, as it’s definitely an acquired taste. However, my wife is a big fan, and we’ll be rewatching the original Twin Peaks (it’s only two seasons) and starting the new Showtime follow up.

I did like Lynch’s 1997 film, The Lost Highway, which was twisted. Still not sure exactly what that was about…

Gear Used

I used my cheap Alvarez AC-65 for the Twin Peaks Theme. I keep this guitar strung with Savarez Yellow Card strings for songs with low, alternate tunings. The strings are super high tension so the guitar still performs normally.

My camera is a Zoom Q8 with a Stereo Shotgun Microphone.

You can find all of my gear here.

How to play the Twin Peaks Theme for classical guitar

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The Twin Peaks Theme is by composer, Angelo Badalamenti, who is an American composer, best known for his work with Twin Peaks creator David Lynch. Other notable Lynch/Badalamenti collaborations are Blue Velvet, and Mulholland Drive. The vocal performance of this song is known as Falling by Julee Cruise.

I recommend the Twin Peaks Theme for intermediate guitar players and up. There’s some significant barring of chords, and stretch out positions, that will give beginner guitar players some difficulty.

The guitar tab for the Twin Peaks Theme is two pages long and played straight through — taking care to mind the repeated sections.

Enjoy, the guitar tab is available below:

The Twin peaks theme is played one whole step down, and the 6th string is tuned an additional step down. [Like a drop D tuning –but in this case, drop C.] Your tuning is as follows, from low to high: C G C F A D

*Twin Peaks Theme for classical guitar*

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